Palghar lynching incident of Hindu sadhus

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This petition is about the Palghar incident where two Hindu Sadhus and their driver were stopped, pulled from their car in a village in Palghar, Maharashtra and the Palghar police handed them over to a mob who beat them with sticks and other weapons and murdered them. 70 years old Kalpavruksha Giri and 35 years old Sushil Giri along with the driver Nilesh Telgade were killed.   

Please see video, you have to see the beatings till the sadhus and the driver have been dropped dead - 

They were going to Gujarat from Mumbai due to sudden demise of their guru Shrimant Ramgiriji. 

Location of the incident is Jillah Palghar, area Kasa, village Ghadhchinchle near Mumbai, Maharashtra. In spite of the ongoing lockdown orders, there was already a mob of 200 people present at the location. They stopped the car and pulled them out and started stoning and beating them.

Police arrived at the spot, however the mob used sticks, rods, knives, etc., to attack the two sadhus and the driver. There are clear video evidences available. Police complicity is evident.

Its impossible to be a mute spectator to this atrocity.

WE DEMAND:- Palghar police department has arrested 110 people but this is not enough.  Not just the perpetrators but the entire machinery and planning behind this crime has to be traced and exposed.

WE DEMAND:- The racket behind this incident be made known to the Indian public and whoever is involved in planning and execution be traced right till the last detail wherever it leads to. Any political leaders or influencers have to be made public with all the background channels, including the financers of this murderous attack. They have to be publicized out in open. All the guilty should be prosecuted in a fast track court, in the highest court of the country beyond the influence of local factors and punished to the fullest extent of the law in full view of the public.