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Lift or amend the indoor smoking ban

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With the indoor smoking ban it is hard for anyone to smoke freely - people cannot enjoy their lives as much socially as they did before and pubs are closing down every day.

This type of an inhibited attitude should come to a past point by lifting or at least amending the indoor smoking ban to allow people to socialise more openly and to choose for themselves where and when they will smoke, as well as considering each premise owner who must be responsible as of priority for what happens on their own property within the limits of the law which should not be derogatory to the normal wishes of the average individual. 

It is not a positive sign to de-arrange common sense and the following of thought of so many people in order to manipulate them and gain full control over their actions. These methods definitely constitute authoritarian means of implementation that promote censorship and enforce onto the free will of other people.

The fact that smoking damages health is not sufficient reason for denying people their right to smoke indoors where they might as well find themselves as the reason for which they would do so is different from obstructing the normal functioning of the surrounding environmental context, yet it has been unjustifiably defined as a punishable event without any broader underlying social rule and the general consent of each individual.

Say NO to the social majority rule over smoking to end the censorship of this long established social practice to everyone's benefit by welcoming freedom of choice and expression!

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