Release Shining Time Station on DVD

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After the success of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends in England, Britt Allcroft wondered how she would introduced Thomas to american audiences. In 1986, New York producer-writer Rick Siggelkow contacted Britt Allcroft after showing some episodes to children to work out ideas on how to introduce Thomas to america. They decided to expand Thomas into a 1/2 hour show called Shining Time Station. Shining Time Station made it's debut on PBS on January 29th 1989. It became an instant hit and a favorite to the viewing audience, receiving a total of 1.2 million people during the 1989 season. After the series ended in 1995, Shining Time Station continued to broadcast on PBS until the broadcast rights expired at the end of 1997. (some states still continued to broadcast the show on PBS until mid 1998) Earlier in October of 1997, Britt Allcroft had lunch with Haim Saben, who's company merged with Fox and acquired The Family Channel. Saben was a fan of Thomas and asked Britt if there were any plans for Shining Time Station and asked if the show could find a home with Fox. Britt Allcroft signed a one year deal with Saben to begin broadcasting on The Fox Family Channel in August 1998. When the deal expired, The contract had an option to renegotiate for another two year term but the offer never went through. After the contract expired, Britt Allcroft found another home for Shining Time Station with Nick Jr during the summer of 2000 to promote her movie Thomas And The Magic Railroad.  Episodes had not been rebroadcast since August 11th 2000 shortly after the negative reception of Thomas And The Magic Railroad. To this day there is still no word from HIT Entertainment on releasing the complete series of Shining Time Station. Last summer, Britt Allcroft announced on her facebook page that she and Rick Siggelkow are working hard together to get the show on DVD and the spirit of can do is much stronger then before. Rick had been working with HIT Entertainment since then. I started this petition to give support for a DVD release of Shining Time Station. Together, we can make this possible and have the show relieved again with fans and familys new and old.