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The city's negligence, in particular, is shameful when it comes to vehicle-related deaths. As long as a driver says he/she didn't see the person, they are only charged with a misdemeanor, and more often than not released without so much as a fine. Roxana Sorina Buta was killed in a hit and run by a Department of Transportation driver who so far faces no charges. This has to change.

Letter to
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly
City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn
On May 24th, 2012, Roxana Sorina-Buta, 21, was killed in a hit and run by a Department of Transportation garbage truck. She was crossing 14th Street and Broadway with the walk signal. The truck was making a turn and hit her head on, ran her over, and left the scene. The driver in question has been identified but no arrest has been made.
Under the current system this type of crime is judged a misdemeanor. Hit and runs are not treated as serious crimes at all, and the driver gets away, essentially, with murder by claiming that they did not see the person crossing the street.
This is both a public safety and a criminal justice issue, and we the undersigned want to see action taken.

Sincerely, Lily DePaula

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