Pass all HISD students for their spring semester

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In HISD, classes of 2020-24 have worked hard for their GPA in hopes of having a bright/successful future for themselves. With all of the students beginning online classes next week, this could potentially mess up students' GPA or not count toward grading. Anything could go wrong. Most seniors have already been accepted to colleges, committed, and need to keep their averages for the college/university requirements. Also as seniors, we spent large amount of money on senior activities, prom, and etc. Schools events are starting to close (such as: Lamar's prom and IB testing), and there might be no walking down the stage any time soon. Students have spent lots of money on dresses, suits, and rentals which might go to waste! We feel we should pass the the spring semester, since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is destroying our chances of any activities the schools sponsor. LET US PASS!! Also, with online classes many kids who are financially unable to buy laptops and  have the essentials needs met, will be left behind! Please share this petition to students, faculty, and parents all around HOUSTON DISTRICT! We are personally emailing the Board of Service of HISD, Mayor, and Board of Education for the signatures! All we need from you is to PETITION and SHARE! Let’s come together as a community and fight! Thank you.