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Letter to
Office of the Governor Governor Kitzhaber of Oregon
Office of the Governor of Montana Governor Schweitzer, Governor of Montana
Office of the Governor Governor Otter of Idaho
and 1 other
Office of the Governor Governor Mead of Wyoming
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Governors Kitzhaber, OR, Schweitzer,MT, Otter,ID, and Kitzhaber, OR. Pardon our wolves.

Stop the killing of the wolves. It's become an epidemic. Defender's of Wildlife have shown the farmers how to keep their herds safe. It's so simple. Why these farmers rather kill an intelligent, beautiful animal who is non aggressive is outright criminal. Is this the only way they can feel like men? How pitiful. Listen to Defenders, try their way, then maybe you won't have 99% of the world against you.

Thank you