Reunite three year old child kidnaped in Jordan with his mother

Reunite three year old child kidnaped in Jordan with his mother

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My name is Irina V (Romanian citizen and Swiss resident) and I am the mother of Iosif, my three year old son from a mixed marriage with, Jordanian citizen (I am of Christian faith and my husband is Muslim).  My son is baptized Christian.

Iosif was born in Switzerland and has dual citizenship, Romanian and Jordanian, as well as Swiss residency.  In June 2015 I started divorce and custody procedures through the Court in Zurich, Switzerland, as our marriage was not working anymore.  refused to admit that it is my right to divorce him and ask for the child custody and in August 2015 kidnaped my son and ever since he is hiding in Jordan at his family house.  He knows he is safe from the law in Jordan, because this country has not signed the Hague Convention and has no extradition treaties with any country in the world.  Nor do Jordanian Sharia courts recognize any foreign court decisions.

I have now the complete custody of my son from the Court in Zurich and is a fugitive from the law, but still I cannot be with Iosif due to the lack of involvement from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Romanian governments and to the important position of family in Jordan, one of his uncles, being a member of the Jordanian Parliament House of Representatives.

This petition will be forwarded to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan embassies in Switzerland and Romania and to the Prime Minister Office in Romania, so they can act and help me be part of my child’s life and upbringing.