Re-consider Amar Bahadur Bam's death sentence

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Re-consider Amar Bahadur Bam's death sentence

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Bhumika Ghimire started this petition to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Government of Dubai

Your Highness,

Amar Bahadur Bam, a Nepali national, was convicted-along with three Indian nationals, and handed down death sentence in 2003, in the infamous Sharad Shetty murder case.

Shetty, an Indian businessman, owned number of hotels in Dubai and was widely reported to be key aide of gangster Dawood Ibrahim.

The three men convicted-Karansingh Mansingh, 30, Manoj Mudanna Kotian, 32, and Vimal Kumar Ram, 26, are believed to be Chota Rajan-Ibrahim's rival's men and the murder was allegedly a revenge hit job.

Mr.Bam was accused of driving the gateway car, Vimal Kumar is reported to have planned the attack and Manoj and Karansingh were accused of carrying out the attack.

Since the verdict, Manoj Mudanna Kotian and Karansingh Mansingh have released statements saying that Mr. Bam is innocent and did not know he was driving a gateway car and had no knowledge of the murder or the plan to murder.

At a recent press meet, Mr. Bam's father and wife said that he was in India looking for work, mere 26 days after his wedding; and was somehow recruited to work in Dubai. He had no idea that his employers were would-be murderers.

Your highness, for the last nine years Mr Bam has been waiting for the justice system to re-consider his case. He says that he is innocent and that his only job was to drive the car, and had no knowledge of the sinister events planned by his employers.

We urge you Your Highness and the Government of Dubai to re-consider Mr. Amar Bahadur Bam's guilty verdict, and to re-examine the case.


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This petition had 1,751 supporters

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