JUSTICE for Murdered 90-year Old Akua Denteh

JUSTICE for Murdered 90-year Old Akua Denteh

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On July 23 2020, 90-year old grandma Akua Denteh was lynched to death by an angry mob in Kafaba in the Savannah Region of Ghana. Her crime? A soothsayer had declared her a witch. She was subjected to torture in the full glare of an crowd. She cried for help, but help did not come. She died at the hands of her torturers. Read story HERE.

Grandma Akua is not the first woman to suffer this fate. Witchcraft accusation is endemic in some regions in Northern Ghana, and often results in serious rights violations such as banishment into witchcamps, physical harassment and murder. On the day Grandma Akua was murdered, several other women were harassed for the same crime - a soothsayer had declared them witches. Indeed, the victims are always women, mostly old, poor, frail and vulnerable. Old women are living in fear. Some are voluntarily migrating to witchcamps to avoid witchcraft accusations and the attendant brutalities.

Grandma Akua's torture video has gone viral on social media. Yet, the Ghana Police Service is yet to effect any arrests three (3) days after the incident. This has been the situation with past incidences, hence the perpetuation of this horrendous practice.

By signing this petition, you are calling for:

1. Justice for Grandma Akua, and an end to all forms of violence against alleged witches. #JusticeNow
2. The President and leadership of the country to publicly condemn the incident and instruct the arrest and prosecution of Grandma Akua’s murderers.
3. The full protection of aged women in Ghana through dedicated social protection programmes that secure their safety and comfort. No aged woman should have to live in fear for their life.
4. A comprehensive national framework for managing witchcraft allegations.

Thank you for standing up against cruelty and injustice.