Dismissal of current Australian Prime Minister and the Morrison government

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The current Australian Prime Minister and his parliamentary team have demonstrated on repeat occasions since being elected that they no longer have the good of the Australian people as their first priority.  Our country is burning, our dams are dry, our water is being sold overseas, our Firefighters need to crowd-fund their own safety equipment, our climate is in crisis, our quality of life is slipping, our rights are slowly being eroded, our international democratic status is deteriorating, and our government is proposing laws which could lead down a slippery path towards an Orwellian and Handmaid-Tale-esq future.  And thats even before we talk about how the PM has gone on holidays in Hawaii while the country is in turmoil. The list goes on and on, and even if you don't believe in some of these, surely you believe in more than half of these problems that Australia is facing.

We need to act now and request the Governor General of Australia dismiss the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his associated government and force an election.  Let the people of Australia decide once again who they believe have the skills to manage our wonderful country and keep the hearts and minds of the Australian people at the front of every decision they make.

We hope every Australian signs this petition to demonstrate to the Australian Governor General that we, the Australian people, no longer have faith in our Prime Minister and his government, and we would like the dismissal of Scott Morrison and his government, and a forced election to take place.


We the people of Australia, request His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley, Governor General of Australia, exercise his powers to dismiss the current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and his associated government, and force a federal election.