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Petitioning Governer General David Johnston Your Excellency,

His Excellency David Johnston, Governor General of Canada: Refuse to prorogue the 2013 Fall Session of the 41st Canadian Parliament

Whereas it is, according to the constitution of Canada, the Canadian monarch's royal prerogative to prorogue the legislatures, this is generally done for the federal parliament by the sovereign's federal representative, the Governor General of Canada. Like all such actions of the sovereign and governors, this is usually--but not exclusively--done on the advice of the prime minister who holds the confidence of the elected chamber of parliament.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to ask His Excellency to prorogue parliament in order to present a new throne speech, in October. We, the undersigned, believe that there are significant irregularities having to do with the senate that will need to be addressed before any such proroguation is granted.

Therefore, we respectfully request that you decline Prime Minister Harper's request for prorogation until such time as the significant issues relating to the senators' expenses and their repercussions have had a chance to come to the floor of Parliament.

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