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Hiroyuki, we call for your attention for a pressing matter on the /biz/ board. The board has become overrun with cryptocurrency threads of shockingly low content filled with promotional spam and advertising.

The shilling has to stop. It is hurting the community. We have drawn up a few simple steps that we think will best cater to new and old /biz/ posters alike.

  1. Ban the blatant advertising and promotion of new currencies and technologies
  2. Adopt a mandatory country flag system tied to all posts

We are now averaging significantly more new thread creation than /pol/, a board that once surpassed /b/ in activity, and yet the same levels are not reflected when calculating replies per hour. Clearly, masses of shill threads are being created by parties, in the hopes that if enough are created, they will attract and influence the board populace. This is a clear attempt to fool us into believing a particular currency these parties are vested in, is on the rise in popularity.

Threads per hour:
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Adopting a flag system doesn't aim to promote racism, rather assist us in better judging the validity of posts where the post's content crosses into the gray area of semi-promotional information. The majority of advertising spam comes from one of several regions, and identifying these regions will assist us in making better decisions about the validity of content on the board.

We understand that cryptocurrency has almost always been a part of /biz/ in some small way, and we wish to continue growing as a community, but we can't do that when hampered by blatant advertising.

It's time we started putting in motion plans to preserve the interests of /biz/ and end the spam.

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