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Let's Get Rich Siegel Hired as Chairman of WPP

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Who will succeed Sir Martin Sorrell, 71, as chief executive of the world’s biggest marketing services company? The organization needs a visionary, and appropriately curmudgeonly, leader who will carry them grudgingly into a new millennium.

So who will it be? Rich Siegel, that's who. He's a veteran adman, creative legend in his own mind, adequate chess player and father of a college student (so you know he can use the dough.) He detests the open office, account planning, working weekends, gang bangs (the advertising kind) and group gropes (again, of the advertising variety.) He is the architect of "Managing by Sitting Around." 

But importantly, he loves ideas. Pure and unadulterated by gimmick or artifice or interactivity. This alone could return the venerable advertising holding company to the pinnacle of creative excellence. Let's get this guy into his corner office.

His platform is compelling. In his own words, "I'm a man of modest needs. I don't like wearing suits. Or hard leather shoes. I don't need $100 haircuts. I trim my own mustache. I like Knob Creek and Maker's Mark, but have no problem drinking Jack Daniels. Get me near a pool, some free weights and a hiking trail and I won't need any expensive gym memberships. Plus, I like driving my 2007 Lexus LS 460, so I don't need any new fancy wheels."

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