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Hire Joel Sanson-Adams to work for Mercy For Animals

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Mercy For Animals is hiring in Canada!

My name is Joel Sanson-Adams and I'm applying for a job with Mercy For Animals.

Mercy For Animals is a charity organization that focuses on four different aspects of animal rights and animal welfare.

  1. Undercover Investigations - exposing factory farming horrors.
  2. Legal Advocacy -  Prosecuting those who break animal protection laws and working to create better ones as well.
  3. Outreach - Lobbying stores and other businesses to carry more cruelty free products and also bettering animal farming practices.
  4. Education - Educating about nutrition and vegan products to reduce the number of farmed animals being slaughtered.

There are two jobs I've applied for, one of which, Campaign Coordinator, would require me to draft petitions on a regular basis.

So, just for fun and maybe to stand out a little bit from the crowd, I've created this petition.

Having a job working to help animals would be a dream come true. I'm fortunate enough to have good employment already, but having a career with Mercy For Animals would be more than just good a job, it'd be work that coincides with my own beliefs.

While this petition is mainly for fun, I also intend for it to show just how serious I am about this and the lengths I’ll go to to give myself the best shot I can :)

By singing this petition, you acknowledge that:

  • I have a passion for animal rights and welfare.
  • I am a motivated individual who works well without supervision
  • I am creative, well-spoken and technically inclined.
  • I have above average knowledge of nutrition.

If you believe these things, please sign this, and help me take the next step on my career path to a fulfilling, rewarding and life changing job.

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