Boycott Carnatic singers who substite our songs with names of other religions

Boycott Carnatic singers who substite our songs with names of other religions

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Nithyashree Mahadevan, Aruna Sairam, OS Arun, Unnikrishnan, Anuradha Shriram, Tippu & Saindhavi – names that you’re most familiar with Carnatic music who are supposed to be a role model for younger generatons.  The above mentioned singers  stooped down to the lowest level possible. They all signed up to sell their music, Thyagaraja Kirthanas to christian mission by simply changing few words and singing in praise of Jesus.

.It is highly condemnable that they chose to replace the word Rama with Yesu and sang all the kirthanas. It is that same Rama and Krishna who showered their blessings and made them popular and these scumbags have decided to sell our kirthanas to churches who will use them ONLY to do more conversion. What a shame! On the contrary, Isaignani Ilayaraja that he will not score for the movie “Periyar” even if he is offered any number of crores – that is conviction! I see some people asking some stupid question “Haven’t we all stayed quiet when Yesudoss sang Ayyappan songs?”. There is a difference – Yesudoss is an ardent devotee of Lord Ayyappa and he sang those songs and christians couldn’t do anything against his conviction to Lord Ayyappa.

Hindus in TN have becomes insensitive to almost every insults made to us. We just go on with our lives as if nothing happened. Reality is thousands and thousands of people are converted using our own Hindu culture – these churches have been copying every bit of our culture to use it against us. These singers side with them to kill our religion.

What should we do? Protest Protest Protest! Boycott these singers…Boycott brands that support this….Make these singers feel that we are much more powerful than them. Let us force all the sabhas to kick them out during the upcoming December season….Press hard where it pains the most – then they will realize their mistake.

I am sure you all heard about what happened in Kerala few days back when a leading newspaper magazine wrote an article ridiculing Hindu women. The entire Hindus in the state protested and caused a subscription revenue loss in $50+ crores or so. Isn’t time for us also to do something about this?

We can’t wait for some miracle to happen – we need to do miracles. Let us join hands in saving our religion.