Ensure Hotel Owners get Economic Relief

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At the forefront of the lodging industry are the hotel owners. During these unprecedented times, hotel owners are in desperate need of financial relief. 

The hotel industry as a whole is facing difficult times due to the Corona-virus crisis. Regardless of brands and franchises, ultimately, it is the hotel owners that are suffering. Above all, the hotel industry must come together as one. If the corporations and franchises receive the billions of dollars in bail outs, the owners will receive little to no financial relief from that. Hotels are small business and are independently owned and operated; it is the owners that need this relief immediately to prevent closures. Hotels are in the single digits of occupancy and are suffering immensely. In this crucial moment, it is vital to prevent any layoffs. 

Hotels are the backbone of their communities and provide 8.3 million jobs. If this crisis goes on without financial restitution for owners, there will be an estimated 50% reduction in the jobs. Additionally, many hotels are having to shut down operations permanently after many successful years in their beloved communities. 

We are pushing for immediate financial relief to help hotel owners with their operations and recover and mitigate the detrimental impact of the crisis.