Shut down Turkey Creek stables

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Time to take action something finally needs to be done about Turkey Creek Stables in Plant City Florida  . 

As a horse lover myself I went to volunteer at Turkey creek stables for 1 day !  after that I had seen enough ! and was forced to take action against this place . 

The Horses are so thin but apparently they're not thin enough for anything to be done about it. The staff at turkey creek told me that when a horse gets too thin they put it in a stable for 2 weeks till it gains weight again so they JUST avoid getting into trouble with the sherriffs office . 

The horses never get a break, they are left tacked all day , they are ridden too young, have awful saddle sores , bad feet and matted awful manes and tails , they are put in ill fitting tack and left in an extremely small pen (about half an acre) with 40 other horses all biting and kicking at each other with very little shade, the horse here are clearly so miserable .

While I was there I saw a member of staff hit a horse very harshly sending it flying into a little girl on her horse almost knocking her out of the saddle !  and it doesn't end there, The horror stories continue about this place. 

In 2004 a little boy DIED at this stable yard , there was also a girl who was put in a coma from this place and countless other victims who suffered serious injuries including brain damage . 

The place is ran by children and inexperienced riders who are left to do whatever they please with the horses with no one there to make sure things are done correctly. For the sake of the horses Well being and the safety of the people who ride here . I beg you shut this place down before someone else dies .