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Animals are being neglected and killed due to the leadership.  

Letter to
Florida Governor
County Commissioners Ken Hagan, Kevin Beckner
We are starting this petition to clean up Animal Services. Animals sit in cages sick, covered in fleas and with dirty empty food and water dishes. Some have even died in their cages waiting for help. Efforts to get these animals adopted and into safe loving homes or rescues are being challenged and stopped to save face and avoid hard work. We are asking our commissioners to stand up and do something to stop this. It's time to clean house and give our community a strong, compassionate caring staff that wants to work with the public to save the lives of as many homeless, neglected and abused animals as possible. We want our tax dollars spent to pay employees that care and want to work to save lives not just get a paycheck! This is not a job for the faint at heart but in order to do this job and do it effectively you need to want to save the animals lives not have to.

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