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Stop the killing of over 13,000 animals at the Hillsborough Animal Shelter!

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Since October 1996, Tampa Florida, Hillsborough County Animal Services has killed 355,445 dogs and cats. That's about 24,000 a year. 460 a week. Every day of every year. Year after year. The citizens of Hillsborough County have been taught to believe that this is an unavoidable situation because there just are not enough homes for all the animals, and that it is the citizens who are responsible for the problem. In reality, there is an imminent solution that can change the save rate of animals from its current dismal 34% to over 90%.
It's called Save 90 and there are now over 30 cities throughout the US that have ended the killing of adoptable pets. Cities like San Francisco, Ithaca, Philadelphia, Charlottesville, Reno and Austin. From the East Coast to the West Coast, from the poorest to the richest cities, the Save 90 method works and it will work here.
But it will not work without your help. Why? Because the single most important factor in reducing the kill rate is having an animal shelter that is committed to embracing this method and rejects excuses for killing animals as a means of animal control. Unfortunately, that will not happen without the voice of the community demanding it happen.
We ask that you sign our petition which demands that the Hillsborough County animal shelter stop the needless, daily killings of dogs and cats, that they adopt and fully implement the proven successful 11 step strategy of the Save 90 Equation, and that they hire a shelter leader who is focused on the quality of their lives, not the expedience of their deaths.
In addition, we ask for a formation of a Hillsborough Citizens Committee that will assist in helping to implement the Save 90 equation.

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