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Petitioning Wildlife conservationist and Former Secretary of State, USA Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: Please protect endangered wildlife from the palm oil industry!

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is already fighting for wildlife survival by acting to end illegal wildlife trafficking!
Let's ask her to protect wildlife from the palm oil industry also!

Palm oil plantations are the biggest threat to the existence of wildlife today. We know the orangutans will go extinct if we don't act. Others including the forest elephants in Malaysia and Indonesia are looking at the same terrible threat of extinction.

We need the United State government to join Britain, France and Germany to adopt a policy to use only sustainable palm oil !

Please sign and share on behalf of all wild animals that are being threatened by rogue palm oil companies !

Letter to
Wildlife conservationist and Former Secretary of State, USA Hillary Clinton
We applaud the leadership you have shown in fighting wildlife extinctions by calling for an end to wildlife trafficking. It is governmental decisions like these that will ensure the survival of so many species who are threatened with extinction today.

We are writing today to urge the United States government to adopt a similar policy on the use of sustainable palm oil, similar to the one that the British government implemented in 2012. The UK policy is very clear on the impacts of palm oil production when it stated :

• There is growing awareness that the greater production of palm oil can increase the risk of destruction to tropical rainforest and drainage of peatland areas causing major impacts on biodiversity, climate change and the land rights of local peoples.

Countless species of wildlife are being imperiled by palm oil plantations that work without rule or regard for wildlife. The Sumatran rhino’s numbers today are less than 200 animals in the wild. Forest elephants and orangutans in Malaysia and Indonesia are routinely killed on palm oil plantations.

As the industry expands to Africa, scientists are now warning that endemic species of African apes will fall under the same threat.

The survival of other species including Clouded Leopards and Sun bears could well depend on what we do today.

The United States of America is a major importer of palm oil and we believe a policy on the use of palm oil will have the same beneficial results for wildlife when US corporations that supply our government change their sourcing policies to ensure that only sustainable palm oil is used.

Sustainable palm oil is readily available in the US and we have confirmed that with members of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil ( RSPO ).
We thank you for your kind attention to this horrendous issue and look forward to seeing the United States government adopt a policy to use only sustainable palm oil.

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