Stop the unnecessary road through Fish Island Village

Stop the unnecessary road through Fish Island Village

4 December 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emma Smail

Fish Island Village in Hackney Wick is a quiet residential area built between the River Lea and the Hertford Union canal. Its tranquillity and the calming nature of the lazy waterways (as well as the close proximity of both Victoria Park and the Olympic Park) is what drew many of its current residents towards making it home. Currently the stretch of canal between Icemaid Court and Murdoch court is a fully pedestrian area where residents come outside to meet up, walk along towards Victoria park, sit on the benches, and walk their dogs. 

On 4th December some residents (not all) received an email from Winston Davis, Fish Islands Neighbourhood manager, informing them that as of 8th December, the currently fully pedestrian area in front of Glow, Gaslight and Adansbeck Court will become a one way road. This means that "the temporary concrete Bollards will be removed and vehicles will be able to drive along the canal which will become a shared area for vehicles and pedestrians".

This does not need to happen. There are other solutions that could help manage the flow of traffic, including making Wyke road one way, or removing some of the parking spaces at the western end of Wyke road to allow 2 way traffic to flow more easily. Either way, residents deserve a full and fair consultation. 

Please sign this petition and help the residents of Fish Island Village stop this unnecessary road being put into place. We need to pause this process so that a proper and fair consultation with all residents can occur.

Important facts to consider

  • Residents were not properly informed of plans for a canal side road when purchasing properties 
  • Hill's model of Fish Island Village, housed in the marketing suit, shows a residential area, not a road. This is deliberately misleading 
  • Email notification to some residents, and not all, 4 days prior to this change, is NOT an acceptable form of reasonable notice
  • A shared area for vehicles and pedestrian will be dangerous. Especially with increasing numbers of dogs and children as residents 
  • Added air pollution and noise pollution for residents of Therm, Glow, Gaslight, Adansbeck and Whitemantle Court
  • The current surface is not tarmac. There is no easily identifiable way to distinguish the 'road' from the pavement. This is highly dangerous.
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Signatures: 427Next Goal: 500
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