Create a Bike Park and Trail System at Puente Hills Landfill Park!


Create a Bike Park and Trail System at Puente Hills Landfill Park!

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Communities across the state of California have developed "bike parks" in recent years to provide dedicated space for two-wheeled enthusiasts of all ages to hone their skills and recreate in a safe space. The parks can include a wide variety of elements, including dirt pump tracks, dual slalom tracks, natural elements such as logs, balance beams, and technical wooden trail features, and cyclocross-specific trails and obstacles.

Despite being home to over 10 million residents, Los Angeles County does not have a true bike park. BikeSGV volunteers and staff have heard from local youth and families who enjoy skills riding that they have been ticketed and/or chased out of the many local skate parks in the region, which generally do not allow bikes to use their facilities.  

With childhood obesity, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses still a public health crisis in Los Angeles County, a low-cost investment in a fun, innovative, and relatively low cost bike park and network of multi-use trails should be an easy sell. But to County officials and leaders with little to no knowledge of such facilities, it will take a concerted effort by members of the public to successfully advocate for such a facility in the San Gabriel Valley. 

The Opportunity - Puente Hills Landfill Park

Officially closed on October 31st, 2013, the Puente Hills Landfill, located just south of the 60 freeway near Hacienda Heights on the south side of the San Gabriel Valley, has sat largely untouched over the past two years. But what to do with the 630 acre mountain of trash that has been left behind?

The County of Los Angeles initiated the process to transform the former eyesore into the region's newest regional parks. A consultant has been hired and is already studying potential options for the large space, including multi-use trails, trail lifts, recreational facilities, open space, habitat restoration, performance space, interpretative elements, and wildlife corridors connecting existing canyons and natural areas in the Puente-Chino Hills, and a bike park! 

The LA County Department of Parks and Recreation thanks the hundreds of community members that participated in the series of three workshops held between August – November 2015 to help shape the vision for the County’s newest regional park! Now it's up to the surrounding communities to support the Final Park Concept for the long range plan that will transform one of America’s largest former landfills into a recreational asset for the region.

Since the land atop the landfill is expected to settle dozens of feet as some of the trash biodegrades in the decades ahead, the construction of sports fields, permanent structures, and similar uses is unfeasible at this time. Given the unsettled nature of the site, a bike park with natural features, dirt mounds, and trails would be an excellent short-, medium- and long-term use for part of the former landfill. It is also one that could easily be integrated with other passive features such as picnic areas, walking paths, and other recreational features.

Please join us in supporting the development of the San Gabriel Valley's regional park by:

1.Signing this petition and sharing with friends!
2. Spreading the word
3.Attending upcoming park meetings in Spring and Fall 2016!!
Together, WE CAN DO THIS ! ! !


Final Park Concept Plan approval and the EIR Meeting for the new park are scheduled to occur at two public meetings in June and Fall 2016. We strongly encourage interested members of the public to attend these meetings and provide support directly to the landscape architects and County parks officials. 

EIR Meeting: June 2016

Location TBD


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This petition made change with 429 supporters!