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Reduce Speed Limit on Coryell County Roads in Honor of Cameron Raine

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Petition For Reduced Speed Limit in Subdivisions Located in Coryell County Honoring Cameron Raine Wrote by Jada Savage June 2016 The residents of Nathan Dr, Cactus Ln, Kenny Dr, Greystone Dr, Lake Front Dr, Bluestem Dr, Sunset Dr, Pheasant Dr, and Arrow Dr would like to change and place speed limit signs along those roads. In Sec.251.154 Maximum Reasonable and Prudent speeds on County Roads, part b states “ In determining maximum reasonable and prudent speed, the court shall consider all circumstances on the af ected segment of the road, including the width and condition of the road surface and the usual traf ic on the road “. Circumstances such as children playing outside, waiting for the bus during school hours, joggers, pedestrians, etc., with vehicles going anywhere from 40­70 MPH poses a safety threat to those using the road. On May 11, 2016 Cameron Raine was struck and killed by a car on Cactus Lane while waiting for his school bus. The current legal speed on Cactus Lane is not posted and open for interpretation with cars going an excessive speed leaving little to no room for reaction or error. Cameron was just fifteen years old, and his future cut short because of the lack of speed regulations set on Cactus Lane. If the speed limit was lowered to 25 mph in the heavily residential areas, cars will have accurate time to respond to any situation accordingly. Another example would be, that there are many blind spots on the roads listed above, and if a car is travelling at dangerous speed and hits head on with another vehicle, it could be fatal to the driver(s) and passenger(s) or cause serious bodily harm to the persons. I ask you this, how many children, adults, and pets do we have to bury before something is done about the excessive speeding out on these roads. We feel the set speed limit should be 25 MPH because that speed is safe for the pedestrians and oncoming cars using the street, it gives the driver the ability to slow down safe and react for people to cross the street, or give enough room for an oncoming car to pass by, and to take precautions when children are playing or waiting for their school bus. In Sec.251.154 Maximum Reasonable and Prudent Speeds on County Roads, part c states “ The maximum reasonable and prudent speed set by the commissioners court under this section may be lower than the maximum speed set by law for a vehicle travelling on a public highway “. That means 25 MPH can be a set speed limit under the commissioners court and can be approved and put into effect “ ...under this section is ef ective when appropriate signs giving the notice of the segment of the county road “ ( Sec.251.154 part d). Without the appropriate signs on the above listed roads, how are drivers supposed to drive the appropriate speed limit if there is none, but with the speed limit changed to 25 MPH and road signs installed, drivers and pedestrians can be safe when travelling on these roads.

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