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We must go back to trash pick up twice a week to stop the problem of flies and maggots in our trash cans. 

You County Commissioners decided to change trash and recycle pick up to once a week. Provided us with one large plastic can for trash and a smaller one for recyclables, but , by going to a one day a week pick up, you've created a health and sanitation problem for everyone in Highlands County. 

With pick up once a week we are overrun with flies and maggots in the cans and around our houses. Washing the cans out does not help, nor does bleach or other methods of sanitizing.  The maggots and flies are still here. Not to mention that these cans are so light that they are easily knocked over by dogs or bears, leaving our trash/garbage all over the yard. Picking this stuff up is unsanitary. The maggots are all over the  debris, and get on our body and clothes. I'm sure the Health Department would agree and give citations for this "liter". 

Twice a week pick up has worked for many years in the past, but, for some reason you have decided that it isn't necessary. Well, twice a week is necessary to curb this unsanitary situation.  You've already told us if we need extra cans it will cost us.  Well, go back tSincerelyo twice a week and it won't cost us (the residents of Highlands County)  our health. Yes you might increase taxes by a small amount, but, it would be worth it to stop this infestation of flies and maggots.



Beverly Kenniston

Highlands County Resident 




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