Mental Health Assistance for Eric Puentes

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My name is Demingous Price, a long time resident of the city of Dalton, Georgia. As this is my first time attempting to do a petition on behalf of someone else, everyone please bear with me.

Eric Puentes, a 32 year old Hispanic male, who is also a resident of Dalton, Georgia. Eric is WELL KNOWN by a lot of people who live or work in Dalton. He also suffers from a mental illness that has not been properly diagnosed, which is the reasoning behind this petition. He has had some unfortunate encounters with the local law enforcement due to people calling to have him removed from different properties for different reasons which his last 2 known times has ended with him being incarcerated instead of taken home as the person called has "said" that they intended. While Eric is harmless and has the mind of a child, he is also coherent to certain things and if told no in a firm way he complies. According to his last accuser, Eric has been labeled as "dangerous" by the local police and as of 10/16/2019 he is currently incarcerated at the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office with a $1000 bond for "simple assault".

My petition is for someone of authority or in the position to get him help to act now before something bad happens to him through the "justice system", since he is a "friend" to "everyone in the community.


If you are a resident of Dalton and REAL FRIEND of Eric, please share and help me and my friends to have something POSITIVE done to help him rather than throwing him in jail.