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HIGHLAND COUNCIL: Reverse the decision to select Option 6 - Save the Canal Park

The road layout chosen would not reduce traffic going through Inverness
Once covered by a road the green area would be gone forever
We would lose access to the canal side walk
The costs used were incorrect as the estimates did not include the costs of creating replacement sports facilities.
Traffic on the road would be running close to the play areas of Whin Park, bringing noise and pollution
A better solution can be found that would attract through traffic from the A9 or A96 to use the distributor road to reach the A82 instead of driving through the city.

The route is too long to attract through traffic from the A9 to the A82 to use it. Look at the map. A more direct route from the Dores Road Roundabout to join the A82 could save over a mile instead of heading north to then turn back south.

If Option 6 is ever built it would remove access to the peaceful walk alongside the canal. It would bring road noise and disturbance to a length of river enjoyed by fishermen and to the a length of the canal, spoiling it for canal users and walkers.

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