Improve Highgate School mental health care now!

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A huge number of the Highgate school community face mental health challenges, and yet so few receive help within the school. People are afraid to reach out for help, to acknowledge their struggles and trust in the school to support them. 

It's time for us as a community to change that!

We need to promote positive change within the school and finally bring the mental health awareness up to standard. We can do this by coming together and showing our support of this cause by signing this petition.

Personal story
My name is Tania, I am in Year 10 at Highgate school and I have long noticed that there is a lack of awareness of what is a hugely important part of child and teenage development - mental health.
So many of us face mental health difficulties and obstacles, and yet so few receive an adequate amount of caring support within the school.
I believe it's time to change that, bring this issue to light and create a more compassionate environment at our place of learning. This is why I am currently working with teachers and staff to bring Highgate to the next level of student well being.
This way we, as a community-students, parents, teachers, staff- can take the first steps in ensuring better mental health care in Highgate school.