Cancellation of 10th and 12th boards due to pandemic which has been increasing day by day.

Cancellation of 10th and 12th boards due to pandemic which has been increasing day by day.

4 March 2021
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Higher secondary education council aka hse boards and
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Started by Molly Duggal

To the SSC AND HSE council,

I plead you to cancel class 10th and 12th board exams this year due to covid 19 as it has been a major problem for almost every student in india.

Students are not able to study online as due to network issues or sometimes due to unusual timings and no digital devices and though the governement has reduced 25 percent of portion in order to relieve students from stress they still failed it badly however we do appreciate their sincere efforts . we are still lagging behind because it has been a daunting task for us to manage our family and studies because many students have started working (part time)  for the bread and butter for their families due to financial crisis arising in this pandemic and they have no alternate option other than suffering.

This year every exam and lecture has been conducted online without even considering whether the students are able to learn something or not , students had literally thought that this year would be more relieving to them but instead its giving more stress to their mind and even parents. Many students have been trying to cope up but it seems that the examination spirit has been long lost and it's almost gone.

Parents have been pressurizing students even amid this crisis  to get good results but they got no idea how badly students are suffering this year and many oversmart parents are opposing to the cancellation of boards and their concern for their children is appreciated but according to this situation parents should not only think for their children but also for others so just because their child is going to classes and gets good grades with their fine intelligence and has paid the fees for the exams doesn't mean that others can do the same this year because if any problem or crisis takes place then all those parents and the government would be held responsible for it.

Maharastra has been seeing its peak since the starting of this pandemic and it has been going through the worst so it's my sincere opinion that if not other states then please cancel boards for maharastra state as it has the most number of cases and it's not safe for students or anyone to go outside and give an exam. One thing to remember here is that health is wealth so please consider all this points and if no action can be taken against this then please take good remedial measures which could actually help students and relieve parents and teachers as well. 

It's a humble request to the maharastra government and education department so please do something and look upon this matter 

Thank you 


This petition made change with 6,17,443 supporters!

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