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Sign in support of the OCCUPY WALL STREET protest movement

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WE MARCHED IN NYC ON 10/5 WITH 20,000 OTHERS (watch DEMOCRACYNOW.ORG for accurate reporting on the march). We will post more info about when we will march again. Keep posting comments here and we will email all of you and post when we will march again. WE NEED MORE OF YOU TO MARCH WITH US!


Higher Education Faculty support the OCCUPY WALL STREET protest. We see the impact of the economic crisis in our classrooms and on our campuses each day. Our students are burdened with crippling student loans as they face a bleak and depressed job market and an economic recession with no end in sight, while our institutions increasingly rely on adjunct and part-time faculty. We teach more and more for less and less, and our students suffer as we lose our ability to mentor because of our own lack of time and financial insecurity. The OCCUPY WALL STREET movement is a step towards a better and more just future for our past, current, and future students and for higher education faculty. We stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.




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