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High Times Medical Cannabis Cup VIP Tickets No Handicap Information Civil Rights Violation

High Times Magazine has violated my CIVIL RIGHTS, by not having handicap information readily available, before an event.

Letter to
High Times Magazine High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 2013
Civil Rights Division US Dept of Justice
This letter is not an attempt to trash High Times Magazine or anyone at your magazine. We have been fans of High Times for 25 plus years. We have grown up watching High Times grow and flourish. We are the utmost fans of the staff and writers at High Times and wanted to meet our hero's at this event. We are only writing this letter to explain what happened when we tried to purchase VIP Tickets to the High Times Denver Medcial Cannibus Cup 2013 on the High Times website. We could not locate any wheelchair access information at the website to purchase tickets.
We emailed and called Red Rocks and High Times, about getting wheelchair access to Red Rocks for the Medical Cannabis Cup on April 20, 2013.
We tried to get someone at High Times and Red Rocks, to work with my wife and I so that we can get VIP tickets to no avail.
We have learned to call ahead to get information for concerts. We have to make sure they have wheelchair access. We do this because many times we have been turned away from concerts after purchasing, traveling and do not attend the concert because there is no handicap access. This is why we tried so hard to get this information before VIP tickets were sold out.
We tried looking everywhere to get information on handicap access and it is not readility available at the High times website where you purchase VIP Tickets.
My wife called the New York office of High Times Magazine. She spoke with a secretary who directed her to an answering machine, she left a message about the information we needed but felt like that was not enough, times was running out on buying these tickets. She called back and was connected to the Mr Stang, Senior Advertising Representative at High Times Magazine. She explained our situation and asked him what to do about this matter. He, laughingly, said "You don’t get any special treatment just because you are in a wheelchair, (she was not asking for special treatment just information) the Exdo Center is wheelchair accessible but Red Rocks has never been accessible and you will never get in there."
We were all shocked and saddened, by the conversation because he was on speaker phone and our friends heard. She called back and spoke with the secretary and explained how she was treated, the secretary did not seem surprised.
Red Rocks,they got back to me the next day. They explained in an email that they are very accessible, but that I needed to tell High Times, the event coordinator when we bought tickets that we were in need of wheelchair seating for the concert?! The only problem with this is that no one from High Times seemed to want us to purchase the tickets and no one helped us with basic information when called and asked.
So, we were kind of confused, about what to do to getting seating for my wife and I and time was running out on buying these tickets. The next day the VIP tickets were sold out.
We just wanted to be able to purchase tickets to the High Times Denver Cannabis Cup and have Red Rocks and High Times, communicate so that we could be there and have wheelchair seating. How could a Medical Can Cup be so unorganized? My wife is ill and wants to attend really needs to attend this year, like others because it is a Medical Cannabis Cup. Why did they not provide more information to handicap people about accommodations? It is hard to not be NORMAL and get buy your tickets like everyone else, because we don’t know if we will have a seats. The law states:
We are just two people; we have met so many people who give up, because they can’t fight anymore. It just seems wrong that we can not purchase tickets to the show that after all, is what we wanted. Nothing free, just information on access, not laughter, just a little compassion. We would really appreciate your support of our petition. We just wanted some compassion and help in getting tickets to the concert.
Always with peace and love,
PS Dorsey

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