Pro D day for NVSD44 on november 1st

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first of all, in elementary school we all had a pro d day after halloween and we didn’t even stay up that late!! most high schoolers are up late having fun with their friends, going to parties or just enjoying the night and watching fireworks but this all is dulled by the fact that we need to wake up, some of us before 6:30 to get ready for school the next day. I think we need a pro D day on november 1st because of how many people absent and skipping november first anyways. There is no reason to make the teachers work and make the students get up early to go to school if half of the students will not be showing up to class anyways. Generally i think having november first be a day off school would benefit the students immensely and they will not be letting all of their stress and anxiety about school get them down on a fun night like halloween