Help Us #FreeKanyaCekeshe - imprisoned for fighting for free education

Help Us #FreeKanyaCekeshe - imprisoned for fighting for free education

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Started by Jacqueline Tizora

Following the 2015 and 2016 #FeesMustFall movement at South African Universities where students demanded Free Decolonized Education, The State  responded violently and this resulted in many unlawful arrests. Among those arrested was Kanya Cekeshe who is currently serving an 8 year sentence and 3 of those under a suspended sentence in a Johannesburg prison.

Kanya Cekeshe is a young student with dreams and aspirations like any other student. He also chose to become an activist in order to fight against institutional racism and exclusion of students like himself in institutions like universities.

He was trialed under duress, it was not a fair trial due to the incompetence of both his lawyers and The State, by whom he was coerced to plead guilty. He was charged for something that was never proven in court and that he also could not argue because his guilty plea.

Courts in South Africa give rapists and murders light sentences, sometimes even just a few months, Kanya was given 8 years in attempt to break his morale and remove him from society for fighting for a better South Africa for ALL. Kanya has already serves almost three years, let us not watch while he serves more time.

Please help us apply pressure on the South African High Court for his immediate release.

By signing this petition, you can reverse The South African State's decision to persecute him. Without your help Kanya will remain a political prisoner.

#FreeKanyaCekeshe #FreeKanyaCekeshe #FreeKanyaCekeshe

24,447 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!