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Release Kaavan to an elephant Sanctuary...NOW

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#Free Kaavan:  The World is watching you CDA, Islamabad.

 The eyes of the world are now on the CDA management in Islamabad.  Thousands across the world are preparing to protest outside Pakistani embassies across the globe in October 2015 to pressure the Pakistani government to release Kaavan the Elephant who has been chained in Solitary confinement for the last 3 years, after being in the zoo for 28 years.

Kaavan's female companion Saheli died in 2012 due to lack of cure and ignorance of the Marghazar Zoo administration. Other animals are also at risk due to careless attitude of the zoo staff and officials.

Elephants are social animals, and it is an incredible act of cruelty to keep this magnificent beast chained, for the purpose of entertainment and zoo profits. After 28 years, Kaavan has earned his freedom already with the millions of visitors that have paid to see him.

Animal’s rights organizations  have offered financial assistance to the CDA for his release into an elephant sanctuary as he needs expert care.  However, CDA has suggested they build him a bigger enclosure. 

 Scott Blaiss, an elephant expert and the CEO of the Global Sanctuary for Elephants said, “The facility is not secure enough for an elephant. It is grossly insufficient and unsafe. From what I can tell, the rest of the enclosure is of a similar fashion — concrete about 1.5 meters tall, and then fencing, which will only serve as a moderate deterrent. There is not a clear solution except to secure his release”.

As a Pakistani living in Australia, I urge the Pakistani High Commission in Canberra to push the CDA to take appropriate action now.  The activism to release Kaavan will not stop. With each new petition and protest, more eyes will be on the CDA and the Pakistani government.

The world stands with Kaavan.... The world wants him released to a sanctuary, NOW!

Today: Natasha is counting on you

Natasha De Sousa needs your help with “High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canberra, CDA Environment Director General Suleman Sheikh, Prime Minister of Pakistan- Nawaz Sharif, Marghazar Zoo Deputy Director, CDA Islamabad: Release Kaavan to an elephant Sanctuary...NOW”. Join Natasha and 3,657 supporters today.