Please Stop Julien Blanc And Real Social Dynamics From Teaching Misogyny And Sexual Abuse In Singapore


Please Stop Julien Blanc And Real Social Dynamics From Teaching Misogyny And Sexual Abuse In Singapore

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Julien Blanc and his group, Real Social Dynamics (RSD) are a group of sexist and racist "pick up artists," who have made a living by teaching men how to violate women through physical and emotional abuse.

Here is a transcription of one of Julien Blanc's RSD videos, "White Male Fucks Asian Women In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It)":

"At least in Tokyo, if you're a white male, you can do what you want. I'm just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls' heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick. Head, on the dick, yelling, 'pikachu,' with a pikachu shirt."

 Julien Blanc promotes the abuse of women. He endorses and promotes unprotected sex, forcible sex (rape), violence against women, and the humiliation and objectification of women.

RSD founder Owen Cook (AKA "Tyler Durden) laughed while telling a room of seminar attendees that he'd raped a woman:

“She was Thai, she was a stripper.  I just fucking hated that bitch.

She was just a full slut whore slut.

I fucked the shit out of her dude.

The last time I fucked her…it was in the morning…she was in the shower…I think she didn’t wanna have sex again.  But I just like fucking threw her on the bed.

I remember, I put it in her…I could barely even get it in because she was totally not in the mood…

And I was like ‘Fuck it! I’m never seeing this bitch again, I don’t care!’

So I just like jam it in…it’s all like tight and dry (laughs) and I’m all like, make it quick cos she doesn’t even want it” (

RSD is not doing this just in Toyko; they are doing this around the world.  Amid protests of RSD's harmful tactics, Julien Blanc's Australian visa was recently revoked by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison who issued this statement:

“This guy wasn’t putting forward political ideas, he was putting forward abuse that was derogatory to women and that’s just something, those are values abhorred in this country.” (

Please stand with the women of Australia, the women of Japan, and women everywhere, and do not allow visas to men who profit from teaching others how to violate and harass women.


This petition made change with 481 supporters!

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