Justice for Shushant Singh Rajput and his Manager Disha Salian

Justice for Shushant Singh Rajput and his Manager Disha Salian

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Disha Salian was a Manager of Bollywood Celebrity Actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

It is alleged that she killed herself by by jumping from her balcony of her penthouse. Totally incorrect she was talked into having a party at her own apartment by some 5 to 6 sons of prominent actors and a son of a CM, who then raped this poor girl and left her in her room, to dress up, and in between this time, she hurriedly called Sushant and informed her, as to, exactly what happened to her, and once she was dressed, they threw her, from her, 14th Floor apartment, and then all dispersed and the news spread that she had committed suicide.

In actual fact this is a foul play and no autopsy was ever carried out. IF IT WAS THEN THE REPORT WAS CORRUPTED.

The matter was never scrutinised by the Mumbai Police Authorities, and was hushed investigation done, just to satisfy others, and closed the file of this Disha Salian..

Please consider this matter, how would one feel if this was your own daughter, and what would you have done?

Now comes Sushant Singh Rajput's death.

Sushant Singh, after knowing the truth, told the full facts to Rhea the gold digger, Since Rhea was a party to the full facts, she informed the actual culprits and they started threatening Sushant and told him, to never open his mount to the cops or media or else his life will not be worth living.

Enter Siddharth, as new Manager of Sushant. His  Mobile SIM was changed almost 50 times bewtween 9th June2020 and 13th June 2020, by Siddharth whois a           co-conspirator with Rhea.

Sushant was really scared for his life at this juncture, and would even sleep in his car out of fear.

In the meantime, Rhea went and told Mahesh Bhatt( we all know who this dirty old man is) (remember he had an illicit affair with Parvenn Babi and eventually deserted her and left to die) and he advised her to leave Sushant's residency immediately. She left on 10th June and blocked his number.

Rhea realised that Sushant wasn't going to keep quiet over the death of his beloved loyal Manager, for long anymore, and snitched him,  to a son of a CM(name not disclosed). That is when the murderers planned to shut Sushant Singh for good. Rhea agreed to the plan because her own brother was at the party who raped ad murdered  Disha.

On the night of 13th June which is also the birthday of this CM's son, they planned to throw a party at Sushant's place. 

The CCTV cameras of the opposite building caught the CM's son  entering Sushant's party. After little while,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

They strangled him with his own dog's belt and killed him.

Many of the cops who arrived at the scene were fake cops, (Mahesh Bhatta special) sent to manipulate the case, and destroy the evidence. The Ambulance that came to pick up the dead body, belonged to Baba Siddique, and  instead of taking Sushant to the nearest Hospital, took him to, Cooper Hospital which is very much far from Bandra, where Sushant lived!!!!     Just think!!!

Cooper Hospital, has the Team of most Corrupt Doctors and they gave a clean chit to the murderers by declaring in their medical report that Sushant's death was as a result of hanging!!!.

The only reason a great soul like Sushant died, was because he wanted to give justice to his loyal Manager and good friend Disha Salian.

Now enter..................................................... another famous actor in Bollywood whose brother was also a party to the murder of Disha( name not disclosed) plus other 5 co-conspirators to the murder of Disha..

We therefore now demand a CBI Investigation against the murder of Disha and Sushant , and it is very important to exhume all files and case related to Disha first,.......................................................................................................................

which links Sushant's murder direct to these animals who must have raped and killed so many other innocent poor girls, who had dreams to become  aspired actors in their life only to be murdered by these habitual animals.

I salute Miss Kangna Renuat, who has openly criticised the Bollywood nepotism and sex scandals and nobody has believed her or taken her seriously and about time this is also addressed.

By signing this application you will not only help us achieve Justice but also eradicate those rouge FILMMAKERS AND PRODUCERS WHO RAPE AND USE THE PRETTY INNOCENT young girls who aspire to be actresses for the future.

I urge you to please think how you would feel about your own child going into this trap of the rouge filmmakers and then used and killed.......................Please just think how the parents and family of Disha and Sushant are going through.

You will also help people like Sahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan, not insult the young budding actors in the open filmmaker award ceremony and belittle them in from of the whole world when the awards are broadcast.

CBI is the only Agency who will investigate fairly and squarely and give Disha and Sushant a fair trial and without the interference of any involved Politicians and their child or children and others.

Please help us get as many signatures and support to this cause for JUSTICE OF DISHA AND SUSHANT RAJPUT.






0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!