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McCoy was a nearly 2 year old AKC white lab who belonged to a loving family. He was shot and killed by the Higginson, AR police department on July 9, 2018 after he dug a whole out of his backyard and was in a neighbors yard one street over. He had been in a neighbors yard playing all morning before venturing into another neighbors yard. This neighbor called the police who claim they tried to catch the dog for over one hour when the lab finally "raised his paws" and was shot between the eyes. The dog was left dead and alone when the owners arrived to pick him up. A different neighbor stated that she witnessed the entire thing and the dog never acted aggressively or tried to attack anyone. Higginson Police Department continues to defend these actions and a couple of members of this 600 person tight knit community have backed them. Higginson Police Department, we challenge you to issue a formal apology to this family and take appropriate steps to ensure this never happens to another family. This family deserves peace and justice for the loss of their family member. Link to the news clip is provided.