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Petitioning Hideo Kojima, Kojima Porductions, Konami

Hideo Kojima, Kojima Productions, Konami: Bring Metal Gear Solid V to the PC

PC gamers will be able to utilize the FOX engine to its utmost extent allowing us to truly immerse ourselves within the game world. It would also allow PC gamers to host their own servers for Metal Gear Online keeping it afloat in case the same thing happens like with Metal Gear Solid 4's Online play. PC gamers can also make modifications to the game to add in new missions, new soldiers, further graphical improvements, new weapons and vehicles. In a recent interview it was said that Mr.Kojima wants modding to happen in the game and PC is the best home for that.

So I ask you Mr.Kojima, please give PC gamers this game day one, we don't want to be left behind. We promise to not pirate the game, and we promise to rescue Kaz asap. We don't want to have to purchase another console like with MGS4 just to play your game.

Letter to
Hideo Kojima, Kojima Porductions, Konami
Bring Metal Gear Solid V to the PC please.