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Bring Hiroyuki Owaku Akira Yamaoka and Mashahiro Ito as the CORE CREATIVE TEAM onboard for 'Silent Hills'.

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Dear Kojima

It greatly pleases the entire survival horror fanbase that you have  finally decided to emabark on making a survival horror game. And more importantly, we are overjoyed that you have endeavoured to revive Silent Hill from the realm of obscurity. We Silent hill fans have long waited for this day, for a saviour to bring this beloved series back to its halcyon days.

With that being said, we wish to inform you of how important the original mythology is, to the identity of the series and that preserving this identity is integral to keeping the spirit of Silent Hill alive among gamers and the horror fanbase.


  • We would therefore implore you dear Mr. Kojima to please bring back Hiroyuki Owaku back onboard 'Silent Hills' as the main scenario writer for your Silent Hill game as he is undoubtedly the bible of the Silent Hill universe and is responsible for the masterful storytelling that made Silent Hill 1-3 the legendary games that they are!
  • We would also like Masahiro Ito back onboard 'Silent Hills' as his demented creations are iconic and masterful. His designs continue to be the source of imitation and inspiration for horror game developers around the world.  He, pretty much is 'the look of Silent Hill' and bringing him back to 'Silent Hills'  will greatly enhance the visual edge of the future game with his beautiful yet grotesque designs.
  • And finally, we would really, really like Akira Yamaoka onboard the project as his sound desgin and Soundtrack for the original Silent Hill games were unlike anything ever made at the time and have never been matched or outdone to this day. His songs remain on the playlists of millions of people around  who loved his Silent Hill OST and continue to do so for many years to come.

It is my sincerest wish that you understand that these wants and desires  for this game come from the bottom of our hearts. And we only ask this because we want so much for Silent Hill to come back to its glory days and because we want you, Mr Kojima  to succeed as a horror game director. We wish you the best of luck Mr. Kojima and we hope you succeed in making Silent Hill the 'greatest Survival Horror series'  ever!

Thank you

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