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Petitioning Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department: Justice For Baby and Adam

Please make sure this case where two dogs were brutally attacked by a neighbor with a machete in Edinburg, TX on Oct 2, 2013 serves as a learning platform for the sheriff's department and the community. People who are cruel to animals are also cruel to people and these actions need to be taken seriously.  The Sheriff's office are reinvestigating and made it a CRIME STOPPERS case.  This sends a powerful message to the community that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.  It is a lesson for pet owners to take threats from their neighbors seriously and control their dogs.  Also, pursuing this case shows potential animal attackers their actions will be investigated.  Private citizens are offering $1000 reward for information leading to arrest(s).  By signing this petition you will show the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Dept and society that you have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. 

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Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department
Arrest the person(s) who brutally attacked two dogs, possibly with a machete, on Oct 2, 2013 in Edinburg, TX.