Justice For Jorge A. Gonzalez

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At the beginning of 2020 a friend of mine and many more was mistreated by the law and attacked by a man named Saline. Who is now on the run, and has not been seen since. The officers did not lose their jobs or receive any punishment.  was left a paraplegic. He is now not able to eat on his own, breath, or even play with his 1 yr old son. is a very loving and caring person. He did not deserve what was done to him. The police or anyone is trying to help him or his family. He was the only working man for his family. Is 23 Years old. He will not be able to live his life like any 23 year old anymore. 

The Hidalgo County needs to look into this because a good person was done wrong. He will not be able to live like he wanted to for the rest of his life. We need a lawyer.  We want to county to investigate and for Saline to get what he deserves as well. does not deserve to live like this.

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