Bring back Fernando's old Portrait

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In patch OB62, champions in Paladins got a Portrait Rework. Despite most of the portraits being better than old ones, we got disappointed looking at the new Fernando's portrait, his helmet is closed, we can't see the beautiful face of our Fernando with a rose in the mouth, it's just lame, not exactly an 'improvement' for the old portrait, he looks so serious in the new portrait which isn't depicting his personality, we want the old one back.

What exactly is the problem?
We don't like Fernando's new portrait, we want the old one back.

What you can do to help make it happen?
Simple, sign this petition, share it as much as possible.

Why you should do this?
I ain't a Fernando main, nor do I play him, I decided to start this petition on behalf of all the players that are affected by the Portrait changes, I'm helping them even if it's not my problem, but you don't need to do all this, all you have to do is just sign this petition, it doesn't cost you much, but your help is needed to reach the goal faster and easier.

The more signatures this petition gets, the more powerful our word becomes, Hi-Rez will listen to us, we can do it. Start sharing this petition now.


"And just when you thought you were the sexiest person here, I show up."


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