Stop the closure of HFT facilty at Furlong Close, Rowde

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HFT, who are a charity, run a residential facility for adults with learning disabilities in Rowde, Wiltshire, in order that the residents can lead an independent life with help at hand where needed. It also offered a day centre for adults with learning disabilities.

They informed residents in 13th October 2020 that the centre will close in June 2021 and alternative accommodation will be found. This is very unlikely to be in Rowde. No consultation with either the residents or their families took place. It was presented as a done deal.

Many residents have lived here all their adult life, some for 25 years and it is extremely upsetting for them to be evicted, effectively, from their homes. HFT are claiming this is for the good of the residents as they can be better catered for within the community. This flies in the face of the fact that they own many other such centres which are not being closed down ‘for the good of the residents’.

These are vulnerable people in our society who need us to fight for them to continue to live in  purpose built campus that they are familiar with and where they have friends and know the area. They should not be treated with such a throw away attitude as this. Who would want their whole life turned upside down in this way? Wiltshire Council need to get behind this and provide the necessary support to keep it open. 

Please help us get this decision overturned. Please post any appropriate comments you feel may help this petition.