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People want access to ebooks. By limiting access to only the people who can afford to buy ebooks, the publishing industry is widening the divide in this country between the Haves and the Have-Nots.

Please tell publishers that this is not okay!

Letter to
Hachette Book Group
Brilliance Audio
Penguin Group
and 2 others
Simon and Schuster
I am writing because I am deeply concerned about publishers' decision to limit the types of ebooks libraries can buy. In some cases, publishers won't sell ebooks to libraries at all!

Libraries exist to make resources available to everyone. By refusing to deal with libraries, the publishers are saying that they only care about the people who can afford to buy their ebooks, and that they are very interested in what people do with their ebooks after they buy them. They sure don't want you to lend them to anyone else.

Let libraries lend ebooks!


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