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Hey Kraft Foods, stop researching and/or using aborted fetus cell flavor enhancers!


Kraft Foods has contracted with a company called Senomyx to either research and/or use their flavor enhancement ingredient developed using the HEK-293 (Human Embryonic Kidney) cell line.  It is currently unclear whether HEK-293 developed ingredients are being used in Kraft's products because they refuse to respond and clear the matter up.  While the actual cells are not known to be physically present in the flavor enhancer itself, the close association with aborted fetal tissue and food/beverage products is revolting, to say the least.
• The HEK-293 cell line was originated with a healthy aborted fetus in the 1970’s.
• These cells have been kept “alive” and reproducing by periodically changing out the nutrition medium (broth) they are cultured in.
• The cells are used as a kind of test tube to produce a certain protein that alerts Senomyx scientists that the flavor enhancer they are working on has “developed” to the right taste response they are looking to produce with the product.
• Kraft Foods has contracted/partnered with Senomyx to research and produce flavor enhancing additives possibly being used in Kraft and affiliated brand products currently on the market as well as future products.
• The use of human products in food is illegal, morally, and ethically wrong. Kraft Foods and Senomyx are able to get away with this disgusting process because they claim that no human cells are passed from the development of the flavor enhancement to the actual consumed product.
• Senomyx and Kraft Foods have the option to use several non-human alternative cells to produce the desired results, but have chosen to use artificially “living” aborted human fetus cells instead. Why?

Regardless of where we stand on the abortion issue, as decent human beings, we must collectively object to this use of aborted fetal tissue and sign this petition to express our displeasure and disgust toward Kraft Foods for choosing to use this repulsive practice in preparing our food and beverage products.

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