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Hey Kennel Club! Hands off our Jack Russells!

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The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the best-loved breeds in the UK: a wonderfully vibrant, feisty terrier that comes in many forms and yet is instantly recognisable, whether short or tall, rough or smooth-coated. 

Kennel Club recognition of the breed has always been fiercely opposed by those in the UK who want to preserve the Jack Russell's robust good health, diversity and working ability.  We don't want the JRT to suffer the fate of so many Kennel Club breeds - to be inbred, coiffed and trotted round a show-ring in the pointless pursuit of meaningless rosettes.  We don't want the JRT to suffer the high rates of genetic disease inflicted on so many KC breeds because of Kennel Club breeding practices that celebrate a dog's looks rather than its abilities and spirit.

The Reverend John "Jack" Russell, after whom the breed is named, was a fierce opponent of dog shows and did not register his own terriers, describing them as: "differing from the present show dogs as the wild eglantine differs from a garden rose."

Last week, the UK Kennel Club announced that it is riding roughshod over the opposition and going ahead and recognising the breed in the UK anyway. The campaign to have the JRT recognised in the UK has been led not by a true terrier man, but by a breeder and judge who has only had the breed for three years and has "bred a couple of litters".

We demand that the Kennel Club reverses its decision.

Please help us by signing this petition. 

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