Hey Google! Please correct information of Manglawar on GoogleMaps

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Word of Thanks:

Some days back we were busy celebrating Pashto which recently become a part of Google Translate  (news HERE), Thanks to Google for that. :) 



Manglawar (often spelled as: Manglor) is large and populous village, almost accounting to a town, situated in district Swat. Estimated population of individuals are more than 40,000.

The following are some important links about Manglawar:




Google Maps provide Geo Locations of all places, unfortunately Manglawar is misplaced on Map of Google. Like If we search for Manglawar Swat, Manglawar Pakistan, Manglor Swat, Manglor Pakistan or Manglawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or other search keywords like this. Instead that Google lead us to exact location, but it lead us to some other place (Karapa - Sar Malang) which is situated in Buner (Buner is outside District Swat, which is itself a District)

So on Google Map place of Manglawar is marked in wrong location. It needs attention of Google Maps Team. 


Why Petition:

I am Level 2 Contributor with more than 20 points and working on Maps since 2013. I was having 100% reputation. The time I noted this discrepancy ,I try to edit it and made some suggestion, but I wonder when my edits was altered. I tried again, I send Google some documents, and tried to edit it again. Again and again my edit was rejected. And finally my reputation falls down to 85%. 

I contact Google on many ways, but they didn't respond. I am now signing petition on behalf of all villagers, We all villagers want to make this right. We are having many problems with other technologies like Social sites, and weather apps (which shows wrong place and wrong information) as they use Google Maps as a primary source  for GPS location.


I (and we all) requested Google, Inc to please make this right. Please  mark Manglawar where it supposed to be. 

This is the place where search keyword lead to wrong place:,+Pakistan/@34.4716606,72.4228527,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x38dc3b5a5aafa947:0x8e7d260846c9ca91!8m2!3d34.4715024!4d72.4254277

This is the correct place where this point/mark must be:,72.4376496,15z

What I am offering:

If Google needs any information, Let me know and I will provide.

If Google want to send their team for survey, We will always welcome you. 

Hoping for best?

We deserve correct and better representation on internet.  Hoping to get positive response from Google Maps Team.


You read this?

If you are readying this right now, Please help me sign in this Petition, and let Google hear us. 


Best Regards

- Fawad Iqbal

(Local Guide) Contributor @Google Maps

Local resident & Representing all people of Manglawar.

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