Hey Google...add Jesus and other religious leaders back to the Google Home device and Android phones!

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On 2/21/18, I accidentally discovered that the Google Home device recognized every other well known religious figure or religious belief except Jesus.

I recorded my findings and posted it to my Facebook page. Fastforward a week later and over 8.6M people have viewed the video and shared it over 100K times.

On 2/25/18, Google responded and stated, "they would no longer respond to questions about all religious figures." Now when you ask the Google Home device (add now your Android phone) "Who is Jesus?" (or any other well known religious leader)...it response with, "Religion can be complicated and I'm still learning." This is unacceptable!

Various media outlets such as Fox News, CBN, Christiantimes.com, ChristianDaily.com, Conservative Tribune, Charisma News, Premier
Christianity and many more outside of the United States have picked up the story and also agree this is not acceptable.

Franklin Graham and many other well known believers have addressed this issue, but still no change from Google.

Please sign this petition and share with others asking Google to add Jesus and other religious leaders back into the Google Home and Android devices.