Myntra Commit to Include Acid Attack Survivors on Your Platform

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As an acid attack survivor, where do I look for representation when all the visuals are those of ‘perfectly’ thin, ‘flawless’ skinned models?

I was attacked in Delhi's Khan Market with acid when I was 15 for not wanting to marry a man.

It took a lot of courage to accept myself and to speak up. I decided that I had nothing to be ashamed of and I removed the dupatta and started walking freely.

Despite the courage and the will to continue living my life, I struggled for employment. That is because we are not seen by the society!

Today, I have walked ramps for big designers and modelled for fashion labels. But, when I look around, I can count on one hand the number of acid attack survivors who model or are represented in the fashion industry.

I began an NGO-The Laxmi Foundation, to support other acid attack survivors like me.

The Laxmi Foundation wants every acid attack survivor to be able to see themselves represented. Their burns of courage and struggle normalised and standards of beauty changed.

No other survivor should have to fight the battle of self-acceptance.

People give us strange looks and we barely find representation in mainstream fashion spaces.

The Laxmi Foundation wants India’s fashion e-commerce company - Myntra to feature acid attack survivors, both men and women as their models, so that young people today grow up redefining beauty and accepting themselves as well as each other.

There is not going to be an overnight miracle, representation matters. We are doing a bit to save every survivor from self hate. Please sign my petition if you want the same.

This will also send a clear message to criminals and the society that our lives do not end or are defined by the crime and violence we faced.

This might also normalise and encourage employment of survivors. We have faced a lot of trauma in our lives, we don’t need sympathy. We need representation and employment to live a decent life.

We hope people’s mindsets will change when they look at my face on the Myntra screen when they shop. Share my petition.