Hey Democrats: Endorse our call to open the general election debates to more voices!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

For too long, the Democratic Party has worked with the Republican Party to actively silence competition from outside the two major parties. With just 1 in 10 Americans feeling the two party system is working fairly well, 4 in 10 Americans identifying as independent, and 6 in 10 wanting a 3rd major party, it's time to open up the presidential debates to fresh voices and more choices.

After all, 76% of US voters prefer open debates, compared to just 17% who want closed, exclusionary debates.

Please join the call to #OpenTheDebates to all candidates on enough state ballots to win the Electoral College. The major party candidates hold sway over the decision of the Commission of Presidential Debates, and you can refuse to participate in any anti-democratic, exclusionary debate that they try to produce.