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Hershey's Company: Stop Using Child Labor!

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Stop using child labor. It's horrible to do something like that to somebody. Imagine if you were a child: You'd get up at six and work for 12 hours straight. You would be exposed to dangerous pesticides that most people would be covered head to toe in gear while using, but you don't even have gloves. You are poor, and hardly get any money at all, mostly food and torn clothing. You use machetes, and when you cut yourself with one all you do is wrap your wound  in some cloth and keep working, never going to a hospital. You carry loads that are way too heavy for you. You are be beaten often. You have never even have tasted chocolate in your entire life, even though that is what you are helping to make. You have never gone to school either. You are treated horribly. Imagine that, it would be like that every day. Think about it, really imagine yourself in that situation. Wouldn't you like to know that there were people trying to help you? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had worked since you were 3-5 years old, then suddenly not have to work again and be able to go to school? Did you now that 70% if the world's cocoa is picked by children? There are children out there that need help, and you can help them.

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